Utility Detection | GPR & Radio Detection Work Together For Locating Utilities

At Definitive GPR and Construction Services, our team of Ground Penetrating Radar Guys make use of ground penetrating radar technology in addition to radio detection to locate existing utilities on a sub-surface level. It is important to survey land in order to locate utilities underground before any sort of new construction project can start. By detecting the location of utilities in advance can help determine the safe areas to work at a construction site for workers and prevent any possible damage that could occur. Utility Detection is one of our core services which we travel all across the United States for from our main offices located in Wisconsin and Minnesota. 

Utility Detection | Different Kinds of Utilities to Detect

GPR Concrete ScanningAt Definitive GPR and Construction Services, we have experience in locating multiple different kinds of utilities. These utilities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Gas Lines
  • Electrical Lines
  • Water Lines
  • Pex Tubing
  • Communication Lines
  • Sanitary Lines

In order to determine precise and accurate results, we work in conjunction with radio detection, in addition to a local utility detection agency that has sufficient blueprints and data available to help our process. However, do not underestimate the power of using GPR in itself. With GPR technology, we are able to locate underground utilities that are not of metallic nature as well – such as pex tubing!

Utility Detection | Why Choose Definitive GPR and Construction?

Our Radar Guys are well-trained with many years of experience and the best GPR technology at hand to complete any utility detection project safely, and with precision. By using several different techniques, including electromagnetic techniques, we can clearly detect and accurately map out any underground cables or pipes for you. Not only do we deliver professional results with great accuracy, we also have the capability to take on both, small and large scale projects – in keeping with strict timelines and budgets. Our Utility Detection services are also available on a national scale all over the USA, including Canada!

How much does a Utility Detection Project Cost?

At Definitive GPR and Construction, we have a simple 5 step process to determine the cost for your Utility Locating Project:

1. The location of the project in question will be a determining factor (i.e. in state or out of state/ travel expenses, etc).

2. The purpose of the Utility Detection project.

3. The type and quality of the concrete to be scanned.

4. The total area of the site to be scanned.

5. The availability of equipment on site if needed to inspect areas above  ground.

Describe your project:

    Our Utility Detection Services are available Nationwide with many projects in:

    Minnesota | Wisconsin | Florida | Colorado | Texas | Nationwide in the USA