'The Radar Guys' of Definitive GPR & Construction Services, are a High Resolution Ground Penetrating Radar company with 62 years of combined experience in construction. With a concept of providing a true local relationship with the contractors in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro areas. With a strong ability to service clients on a Nationwide level. Our vision is to combine high industry service standards with total transparency to all existing and future customers.
The Radar Guys have the technical experience to determine specific embedded objects such as post tension cables, PVC/metal conduits, rebar, voiding, and any other targets outside of standard reinforcement layout. Our number one goal is to keep your company and employees safe while doing their jobs.
At Definitive GPR & Construction Services, LLC - we offer the following residential and commercial services:



Professional GPR Technicians and General Contractors

Nick Sjobeck

About: I am very hands on and Value personal relationships.  Working in the trenches and problem solving is extremely rewarding to me personally.  I strongly believe in providing value and reliability to my customers.

Experience and Background:  Owner / Co – Owner Home building and remodeling companies (20yrs), Broker / Fleet manager for transportation industry (8yrs),  Ground Penetrating Radar Technician (4yrs)

EPA Certified (RRP) | Osha 10 | Msha Certified | GSSI – Certified

Phone: +1.651.428.1183 | Email: NICKSJOBECK@DEFINITIVEGPR.COM

Scott Vikeras

Info will be updated soon!

Utility Detection: GSSI Utility Scanning Series

This video shows the technique of using Ground Penetrating Radar (Georadar, Ground Probing Radar, GPR) by GSSI for Utility Locating, Utility Designation, BIM and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) efforts.

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